GO IN LIVE  Is one of the most innovative Live streaming providers in the world powered by SHARP EYE HD technology.
Launched earlier in 2012 by Sharp Eye industries,
Go in live was the missing link in any production that had a need for HD quality
Live streaming.
In January 2012, Sharp Eye industries developed a turn-key solution for the Reality TV industry.
The result was a portable ruggedized Multi-HD recorder that allows seamless recording of
Full HD Video(1080P) and audio on up to 12channels (24ch in a stationary system)simultaneously. 

Cost effective portable recording and broadcasting system, full HD Live switching, up to 12ch simultaneously - NON stop!
The ability to shoot an endless amount of HD hours on all 12ch is based on complex patented algorithms uniquely written to achieve that goal.

Military technology meeting entertainment industry needs!
We created a super portable recording system that can take on any task no matter how far you push it. IT WILL NEVER CRASH!  After perfecting the recording system to allow the Producers of major reality TV shows to shoot days of HD video, controlling the system from anywhere in the world, we saw the potential for broadcasting in full HD.

Live Events, Live Music, Sporting Events, Religious broadcasts.                                         
These industries settled for mediocre HD quality for several years. They were charged top dollar to get consumer quality cameras to stream or shoot their content. Major budget production companies paid big bucks for TV production trucks to accept more than 4 Full HD cameras and have live switching, titling, professional XLR powered mics and time consuming file converters. They had fees of over $2000 an hour for HD live streaming. The demand for higher quality, costeffective, multi-HD recording and broadcasting was more than enough to inspire the next generation-GOINLIVE.

The new Sharpeye-Goinlive portable system is built into a ruggedized "luggage like" case and carries the ability to capture up to 12 full HD cameras and will Stream all into one split screen. With a click of a button you will be linked to  the streaming platform. The system and the streaming platform are virtually linked for easy operation. Your streamer will automatically work on the generated page and on any portable device (IOS - Android) with as low as 1.5mb upload Internet speed for HD quality, No latency professional live streaming.

Sharp Eye We made it affordable and simple to use.
Go in
Live is available for rent or purchase for your next event. let our system capture and stream your event in the most costeffecive and user friendly way possible.

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play fair... and GOINLIVE.
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