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Ad placement
live streaming is opened for ads
if you or your clients are looking for ad placement
we stream thousands of hours to niche markets daily
a video 30s ad can be displayed along the streaming or sponsor an event
Get quality Exposure through our platform
Contact us today for details.

fill up the form and ask us about pricing
The latest GoInLive system is available for sale in the following channels - 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 HD1080 channels
all of our systems are offered with complete accessories as a turn key package ready to shoot
to check out more go to

We currently have 10 systems ready for rent
each range from 4 to 12HD channels

Book in advance to secure a system for your event
Live streaming is provided for free with every rental.

Inquire today and check for opening
interns are welcome to submit their resumes


Investor relations
If you are interested in a potential affiliation or contribution, please fill out the form and we can discuss about the current available options


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Email - hd@goinlive.com
HDX -   hd@sharpeyehd.com

Corp - 866-964-7474
Dir -    818-391-8261
Fax-    888-256-4948

4300 W jefferson Blvd
Unit 2
Los Angeles CA, 90016

Call in to setup a free Video demo.
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