Live Twitter and Facebook chat to your live streaming page -
Up to 16HD Robo-Cams equipped with 100X zoom custom SHARP EYE HD 3MP lenses for extreme clarity and large sensor for low light -

Portable SHARPEYE-GOINLIVE system up to 16 full HD1080p Audio Video channels, with up to 400 hours of non stop recording on all channels -     [20 and 24ch are available with our stationary systems]
Support for third party integration of full HD cameras Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Canon -

Support for HDMI 1080p input from Laptop or DVD -
Support for external DVI or HDMI flat screens - digital distribution - 4 differant feeds that can mixed out into a switch.
Built in all around GOINLIVE streaming platform (NO ADS)-
4 XLR inputs for wired or wireless microphones -
4 RCA/BNC inputs for in line audio -
Pro HD"Time Lapse" on one or all channels for any needed time frame -
On set show director for live switching and remote camera operation -
Guaranteed crash proof for up to 250,000 viewers in the same time! -
Multiple feeds to different sites including 'You tube', 'You stream', 'Live stream', 'Justin TV' (push feed) -
NO ADS Multi camera stream of up to 16 cameras simultaneously while recording the stream in HD-
HD recording of all channels individual at full HD (1920X1080)
 while streaming -
H264 AVI and MPEG files easily ingested into Final cut, Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas -
Upload of the HD video at the end of the event for PR and any other immediate usage (no need to edit) -
Upload of photos from instagram to your dedicated streaming page while the event is running -
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play fair... and GOINLIVE.
IMAGINE.... being able to provide your clients with "White Label" custom web page dedicated to their event.
The page will house our unique universal streaming player, (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackbarry)!
HD video feed.

Most streaming services require at least 3mb upload speed to show/stream any decent video. Our technology can float HD video and audio over minimum bandwidth of 1mb upload.

Go in live own their severs and do not compete with other streams while streaming you.
which means you get 100% attention at all times!
AD free streaming at its best.
When having an Event, or any type of production that has cameras involved you know that to shot an event is one thing. Getting the footage edited and ready to present or upload is a completely different story.

There is something with videograpers that sometimes they just cant let go of what they shot. :)
While you need to deal with the client and sometimes have funds held for not delivering the footage on time - From a PR stand point the content is not relevant anymore if not delivered in a timely matter.

WELCOME to the new age of...
Immediate Video Delivery System  (IVDS)
A concept developed within our software that allows the recording of the Mixed event as it happens. which means as we Live stream your event we are not just Live streaming it in HD, we are also recording the Live stream as we go. At the end of the night (or the event) we can either upload it for you, to our server and also provide you with the actual mixed file.

Lets say you shoot your event with 6 cameras, as the event goes we switch to the highlights between camera 1 to camera 4 to camera 3 to camera 2 and so on - The End result - IS the MIXED RESULT.

Your client gets a link to promote the event when it ends.
And you ? - You have completed your share of the deal !
Providing the raw footage from each one of the cameras
and the extra mixed result -

No more delays -  No need for editing
LIVE Keying "Green screen" (or any other color) powerful tool for any event or production.